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Social Studies Theme 2: GOVERNANCE IN SINGPORE


    a. Principles of Governance
          - Leadership is key
          - Anticipate change an stay relevant
          - Reward for Work and Work for Reward
          - A stake for everyone, opportunities for all
    b. Traffic Policy
          - Area Licensing Scheme
          - Electronic Road Pricing
          - Park-and-Ride Scheme
          - Vehicle Quota System 
    c. Population Policy
          - Reasons to decrease population growth from 1960s
          - Measures to decrease population growth from 1960s
          - Reasons to promote population growth from 1980s
          - Measures to promote population growth from 1980s  
    d. Ageing Population
          - Individual responsibility
          - Family support
          - Community help
          - Government support
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Structured-essay questions: 

1. Leadership is key is a more important principle of governance than meritocracy. Do you agree? Explain your answer.    

2. To what extent does the vehicle quota system effectively reduce traffic congestion in Singapore? 

3. Singapore's declining birthrate is due to the changing mindset of women. Do you agree? Explain your answer. 

4. Pro-family measures is the best strategy to promote population growth in Singapore. Do you agree? Explain. 

5. How far does government support helps to cope with the aging population in Singapore?